This Chef’s Tasting Is Big Mood! Beat Them Blues And Experiment!

chef's tasting

In this hiatus in the holiday season, it’s time to give the indulgences a short break– an opportunity to balance both body and mind. At this Wednesday Chef’s Tasting, you will be inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic philosophy of “You are what you eat” to create a Modern European five-course meal.

What To Expect At The Event 

The chef’s tasting will help you find a personalized menu designed to balance the Vata (Ether), Pita (Fire) and Kapha (Water) in you, with seasonal and native produce. The menu will be vegetable-forward with hints of seafood and meat for non-vegetarians. A fine food detox, a chance to recenter ourselves to keep us going this holiday season.

chef's tasting
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What You’ll Love About The Event

The chef’s tasting happens only once a month where the cafe shuts down its regular menu and gives space for the chef to experiment with seasonal flavors and local produce. The chef uses different concepts inspired by her travels, conversations, other cultures, ingredients and experiences in and around Delhi.

Bottom Line

The dinner comprises of a fine five-course meal (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) topped off with classic Perch ambiance, service, and music. If you want to tase the chef’s experiments that won’t be on the menu and feel exclusive, this is your calling!

chef's tasting
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When | 28th November, 8 PM & 9 PM

Where | Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

Location | Click Here

Tickets | Click Here

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