Satisfy Them Cheesy Needs With Cheesy Kneads in Gurgaon Sector 50!

Cheesy Kneads

How about some cheesy delights for those mid-week grub pangs? Let Cheesy Kneads in Gurgaon solve all your cheese pangs with some decadent pizza bursting with cheese, veggies & chicken! The small shop situated at the back of the Baani square market doesn’t have seating arrangements. But you can always eat the pizzas on the boot of your cars!

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  • The entire journey, of eating those delightful pizzas, is sinfully cheesy to the stomach made to perfection! Don’t forget to try out their vegetarian pizzas with the quirkiest names ever. Def Corn 3 & Sin Pizza will take your palate for a tour of the world. Filled with sweetcorn, The Def Corn 3, is a hot & sweet pizza with a bed of hot sauce.
  • Poultry lovers! Here’s a big shout out to ya’ll! Do not miss out Cheesy Kneads’ 21 Birdy Salute. The pizza has chicken, barbecue sauce & bacon jam! And who can forget Pork-u the classic pizza with pepperoni on mozzarella.
  • You can either elect to have your pizzas home delivered or you can place a takeaway order. So, sit back at home or eat on the boot of your car, your choice!

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you try out their Oriental Sin. The thin base pizza is filled with fiery a sauce & shiitake mushroom, button mushroom, bell pepper & onion. The sauce is a good godly delight to the palate!
  • That if you are sitting at home and ordering, don’t panic, the pizzas usually get delivered withing an hour. Stored in boxes the pizzas remain warm & fresh for a long time!

Sneak Peak | G-36, Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurgaon

And Pay | ₹700

Google Maps | Click Here

To Order Call: 011 30806732

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