Cheesiest Treat For A Scrumptious Meal Around Town

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What better than a string of cheese to feast on? Lots of cheese! If you’re someone who believes in cheese and loves to include it in all your meals then you must know what magic a good plate of mozzarella sticks can do. Here’s a list of places with the best mozzarella sticks!


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As much as we love IHOP for the breakfast menu, there’s a lot more to their meals than just that. This includes the mozzarella sticks, called the fried mozzarella which is just enough cheesy and crunchy!

2. Social Street Cafe

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Social Street is the go-to for good food that doesn’t do a lot of damage to the pocket! With the aesthetics of Champa Gali, Social Street has a spot-on menu and the best mozzarella sticks in town.

3. Cafeteria & Co.

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Cafeteria & Co. has an elaborate menu with food and drinks that are exclusive to this cafe! But the greatest part about this place is their mozzarella sticks, which have cheese that melts in the mouth.

4. Ricos

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Other than the mini-burgers that are perfect for a light meal, their mozzarella sticks are almost out of the world! Trust us on this, there’s no way that you’d leave the cafe disappointed.

5.  Cafe Delhi Heights

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The desserts, themed menu, and juicy burgers have already made us fall in love with the cafe! But oh, there’s more, Cafe Delhi Heights has one of the cheesiest and stringiest mozzarella sticks in town and you gotta try them.

Bottom Line

In cheese, we believe!

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