Wanna Have Cheesy-Garlic Cross-Buns? Say Again? Oh Yes, This Is What It Is!

Cheese Garlic Cross-Buns DforDelhi

Know It All In 30 Seconds

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about cross buns? Something totally sugary sweet all coated with crispy and colourful dry-fruits and a mild salty taste, right? But, this outlet in Delhi plays with creativity in a perfect way and gets you with this toothsome snack that you must try super soon.

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What To Expect?

Get a simple yet creative meal as you be at Bisto 37. This subtle cafe settles itself in Noida. So, on the days when you are shopping in huge malls there and in between the  hunger strikes which leaves you confused about what to have what not, where to go? To sort your confusion of that time here we suggest you to be at this mini-golden-yellow cafe which offers you with delicious food and happy ambiance. Also, the scrumptious Cheesy-Garlic-Cross-Buns call you for tasting as well. This little cafe with awesome quick bites also has its extension in sector110, noida, make sure you visit any of them soon.

Cheese Garlic Cross-Buns DforDelhi

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What You’ll Love?

Are you the one too who is in love with the taste and texture of cheese? Well, if your answer is yes then make sure that you try this wet, succulent, and warm appetiser soon. This mini-cafe gets something great for all the cheese lovers. Are you unable to resist yourself from trying this appetizer after knowing about its cheesy-softness and flavourful taste. Then what are you waiting for, be at this cafe with your loved ones soon and put a full stop to your craving.

Cheese Garlic Cross-Buns DforDelhi

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Bottom Line

Apart from regular sweet hot-cross-buns, give a try to this Cheesy-Garlic-Hot-Cross-Bun and simply fall in love with its taste.

Where | Shop 11, Godawari Complex, Sector 37, Noida

Location | Here

Price For Two | ₹400

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