Check Out These Makeup Artists to Achieve A Perfect Wedding Glam Look!

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Shaadi season is here to stay and these makeup artists will help you take your decision. Get that flawless look and compliments from everyone. Check out the best makeup artists in town.

1. Parul Garg Makeup

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Parul garg is a makeup artist who loves to experiment with makeup. You can see a lot of glitter and lush lashes.

2. Chandni Singh

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Her Instagram page is a treat in itself. You will be treated with dreamy makeup looks and amazing launches by her beauty brand.

3. Anu Kaushik

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She is an amazing and the most celebrated makeup artist in Delhi. Her creativity makes her stand out. Give her a call, you brides!

4. Guneet Virdi

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If you are confused about where to get your makeup done, she can be your go-to person for sure!

5. Leena Bhushan

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Leena Bhushan’s makeup varies from subtle to beautifully glamorous. She surprises you with her makeup and leaves you dazzling results.

6. Shalini Singh

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The way she transforms a simple girl into a beautiful bride showcases her talent and skills.

7. Shruti Sharma

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She is a unique makeup artist who likes to depict the personality of the bride with her makeup technique.

8. Ambika Pillai

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She is a perfectionist. Her portfolio is beautiful and she has won a lot of awards. Ambika Pillai and professionals will make sure that your dream comes true and how!

9. Meenakshi Dutt

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Meenakshi Dutt is well-known in the field of makeup artists. She has dolled up a lot of famous celebrities. She is one of the first names on the mind of brides. You should definitely check her out!

10. Jasmeet Kapnay Hair and Makeup

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She focuses on the eyes and you will get to know this once you will check their instagram page.

11. Pooja Khurana

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She makes sure that you are glammed-up on your wedding day. Don’t forget to give her a call!

12. House of beauty by Sahil

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 He is a perfectionist and you can see this in his work. You can definitely rely on him for your big day!

13. Kriti DS

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She loves to experiment with color as you can see her Instagram feed. If you live in north-west delhi, you should look out to her!

14. Amrit Kaur

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She likes to keep it light and sober yet elegant and it is very much visible in her art.


Bottom line

Make the best choice for yourself, all the brides out there!

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