Check Out These 8 Options You Can Consider To Gift Him This Valentines!

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Valentine’s Week is just around the corner and if you’re among those lucky ones who have a partner for life, and want to gift something quirky this time than just some flowers or watch, then this list may come in handy for you!


1. Beer Mugs

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Men, who drink and love to maintain their own personal bar at home then why not gift them their personal quirky beer mugs, which they can flaunt in their house parties?


2. Playing Cards

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No matter it is a Diwali party or a friend’s get together, playing cards are a thing which can boost up some energy into the party. So just grab any quirky deck of cards and impress him the way he likes!


3. Ashtray

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If your guy smokes then he needs to have these quirky ashtrays to be in his house, especially some quirky one that also acts as a showpiece and enhances the look of the room too!


4. Chai or Coffee Mugs

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Like who doesn’t like coffee or Chai mugs? And after a lot of options available online and in the offline market, we’re sure you’ll be able to find that perfect pair of mugs you can gift him to have a cup of chai over his place in them!


5. Quirky T-Shirts

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T-shirts are always go thing to gift men. If you’re unable to find anything else, go for cool tees or hoodies to gift them, they would surely love it.


6. Musical Instrument

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If your guy has a hobby, which he would have somewhere lost due to pace in life and indulging extra efforts and time in work life that he now gets no time to pursue the same then this is the moment to make him remember his good old days.


7. Bow & Tie

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Gift him some dressing essentials so that he can get ready and look good among those at parties or get together and show off his tie gifted by you!


8. Gadgets

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If your guy into gadgets and want that latest fit band or even those AirPods, then you can gift him, and we’re sure he will definitely like it.


Bottom Line

This Valentine’s, gift something special that always remains with him!


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