Check Out These 7 Places Serving Droolworthy Chicken Lollipop That You’ll Die For!

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What do we need to get any party started? Obviously starters, and when we talk about starters, having chicken lollipop on the table is a must for all those having a non-veg appetite and are waiting with their booze in hands! And that’s why we bring you a list of 7 places serving ultimate chicken lollipop starters in their own style!


1. Chinese Wok

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This place is popularly known for its very own special drums of heaven, which we generally know as chicken lollipop and Chilli potatoes. Their drums of heaven feel crispy from the outer part and juicy from inside, with a covering of sauces to give it a spicy punch!

Where | Karkarduma

Price For Two | Rs. 600 (approx.)


2. Cafe Delhi Heights

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This place serves Asian and Continental food and when it comes to their Drums of Heaven, they don’t leave a thing that needed to be pointed out after you have it! Along with the delicious food, you also get a quite decent ambiance to dig into your favourite food!

Where | Multiple Outlets

Price For Two | Rs. 1200 (approx.)


3. Chinese Kitchen

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Chinese kitchen in Karkarduma is famous for its noodles and Chinese platters. But despite that, their chicken lollipop too doesn’t give a chance to any other dish in front of it! They also provide timely and good service to make your experience worthy!

Where | Karkarduma

Price For Two | Rs. 500 (approx.)


4. Echoes

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You get a total of five pieces of chicken deep-fried in piping hot oil to give that crunchiness and then is sauteed with sauces and garnished with green onion or spring onion springs, watery mouth right?

Where | Multiple Outlets

Price For Two | Rs. 500 (approx.)


5. The Tummy Section

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These people serve their kind of drums of heaven in a peculiar way. They just make crisp the pieces of chicken by deep-frying but rather than sauteeing the pieces in the sauce, they just garnish their upper part with mayonnaise and mixing of different other spices to taste just different!

Where | Jail Road, Tilak Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 600 (approx.)


6. The Biryani House

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Don’t go by its name. This place, if we really go by the name, serves some lip-smacking biryani in the house but other than that, it also serves some mouth-watering drums of heaven which you all must taste once!

Where | Kamla Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 600 (approx.)


7. Food Overloaded

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Just like what the name says, you’ll get overloaded with the food but still won’t be able to satiate your cravings for their chicken lollipop as they taste so different and amazing from others on the list that you won’t leave an inch of it on the plate!

Where | Paschim Vihar

Price For Two | Rs. 800 (approx.)


Bottom Line

These Drums would surely make you go on a trip to heaven while you enjoy every bite of it!


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