Check Out These 6 Underrated Eateries Around Delhi NCR for a Delicious Afternoon!

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Delhi is usually considered ‘the hub’ while the NCR is ignored. All the Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad people, We hear you! These little towns have a lot more than they are given credit for and these 6 are our go-to!

1. Kunzum Travel Café, Gurgaon

A bigger version of the OG Hauz Khas Outlet, this café is more spacious, uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing.

Do Try | Coffee!

Price for Two | Rs. 200

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2. Café Parmesan, Faridabad

For a casual afternoon brunch, a romantic evening date or a morning full of work – this is perfect.

Do Try | Chicken Lasagne, Ravioli in Mushroom Sauce, Fish and Chips

Price for Two | Rs. 1000

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3. Sparrows At Home Bakery, Noida

The aesthetically pleasing ambience and the sweet breakfast is everything!

Do Try | French Toast, Pancakes, Cappucino

Price for Two | Rs. 650

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4. Reader’s Café, Ghaziabad

For a lazy Saturday, bring your own book (or choose one of theirs), read and eat!

Do Try | Hummus Pita, Ham Sandwich

Price for Two | Rs. 800

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5. Merak Bistro, Faridabad

This affordable little café has a play-area and a library – MINDBLOWN. The ambience is enough to go here and sit back; however their food is equally good.

Do Try: Sandwiches, Cheesy Mushroom Poutine, Stuffed Shrooms

Price for Two | Rs. 400

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6. Sakley’s The Mountain Café, Gurgaon

For all you mountain-lovers!

Do Try | Chicken Steak, Banoffee Pie

Price for Two | Rs. 1000

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Bottom Line

Delhi NCR turned out to be pretty cool, didn’t it?

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