Check Out These 5 Must Have Meals You Should Be Trying This Winter Season

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Winter is all about wearing heavy, and eating hot. A plate of piping hot food just increase the level of craving you already have for that food, and no matter how much temperature has gone down, but these 5 dishes you should be trying in Delhi as soon as they are put down from the stove!


1. Paranthe

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A winter morning and hot piping paranthe and melting butter on to it, can you imagine any other mouth-watering thing for a winter morning other than this? Just have some varieties of parantha from various places around Delhi such as Paranthe wali Gali, or Moolchand Parathe wale and experience it yourself.


2. Momos

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Winter evening, bae and a plate of hot momos, seems like a perfect winter evening right? Rush to Depauls, or any of your favourite momos spot nearby your home and enjoy the spicy chutney with dumplings.


3. Pakode

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If you’re craving some hot piping pakodas in Delhi NCR then there can be no better place than Khandani Pakode Wala in Nauroji Nagar. You can have different types of pakodas with their special chutney which is spicy and tangy at the same time.


4. Samose

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Breakfast or evening snack? Samosa is an all-rounder for all of us. And after such fusion and inclusion of chowmein, pasta, chaap, paneer into it has just level up the game.


5. Jalebi

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Last but not the least, there was a need to put a sweet dish in the end, and we decided to put jalebi, cuz why not, its crispy, sweet and can always go with rabri, milk or even curd, and the taste is just impressive!


Bottom Line

Enjoy your winters with these scrumptious go-to-have meals.


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