Check Out These 5 Classic Street Foods In Delhi Which Will Keep You Warm This Season!

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Winters have arrived and so does the change in your eating order will. Many of you still would like to eat ice creams in winters, but any won’t. But this list of 5 would surely set your taste-glands watery which includes such classic street food which everyone would die to eat in winters!


1. Momos

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No matter what is served in front of you, but if there are hot steamy momos, no one can resist them. If it’s winter or summers, momos are the one street food that every Delhiite must opt for, and now, at many places, we got a variety of these that we would get tired of eating but they won’t end!


2. Jalebi

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If your tastebuds are craving something sweet to eat in winters, then you can go for jalebi. For a perfect and authentic taste of jalebis, including some quirky variety of same, you can head to Chandni Chowk, where you can get a big jalebi worth 500g. a piece and even mawa ki jalebi.


3. Daulat Ki Chaat

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Daulat Ki Chaat is a kind of delicacy of street food in Delhi that you can find basically in winters if you want to taste the traditional flavour of the same! It is a kind of foamy texture that is very light to have, sweetened and blended with mawa for a long period of time and garnished by dry fruits! If you want to taste the best of the best, head over to Paranthe wali Gali in Old Delhi!


4. Ram Ladoo

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Also known as Moong Dal k ladoo, are made up of moong dal, served hot and is garnished with grated radish and mint chutney which tastes both tangy and warm and can be said as a quick snack for all the Delhiites that can be found on one or the other street!


5. Chhole Bhature

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Dilli ki Sardi without Chhole Bhature doesn’t make any sense, and that’s why this soulful thing is on our list! You can find many shops selling Chhole Bhature, even in your locality too, but if you want to taste the best of Delhi, we’ve done a write-up on those too. Have a glass of lassi with it and you’re all sorted!


Bottom Line

Don’t forget to have them all this fall!

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