Check Out These 5 Cafes You Must Visit If You’re Out To Explore Hauz Khas

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You know right Hauz Khas is a hub for beautiful and romantic cafes. The place is situated just nearby Hauz Khas Fort where people usually come to enjoy the scenic view or to watch the sunset with their partner and mostly, getting the vibes of these cafe and here are the 5 cafes you can visit this weekend!


1. Mia Bella

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Mia Bella is a kind of place if you want to impress your date. The scenic view of their terrace and amazing food just adds up to your date saying she had a lovely time with you!

Price For Two | Rs. 1500 (approx.)


2. 7 Old Town

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This one place is said to be a budget restaurant and has a whole lot to offer. Comfy indoor and outdoor seating space with a good menu and good music makes this place a sure shot go.

Price For Two | Rs. 1500 (approx.)


3. Ayash Cafe

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Ayash Cafe is yet another cafe where you can dig in and have some mouth-watering dishes and spend some time with your bae with their terrace and indoor seating area. Take Sheesha and your fav burger or pizza and puff to the lakeside view you can see from its terrace!

Price For Two | Rs. 1000 (approx.)


4. Masha

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Masha offers a lakeside view with fresh air and fresh food to make your morning or dinner date more memorable!

Price For Two | Rs. 1200 (approx.)


5. Garage Inc.

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Garage Inc is a place serving Continental and American dishes. The place is good enough for your gang to hangout and even have a foosball table where you can show off some skills.

Price For Two | Rs. 2400 (approx.)


Bottom Line

Which place you’re heading this weekend then?


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