Check Out These 5 Budget Friendly Places For Your Next Date Near Hauz Khas

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Among the night charms of Hauz Khas village having great, luxurious, and high priced cafes, there are people who also have a low budget and can’t afford to go there, especially when they are going through their month-end crisis, and for them, if they still want to enjoy at this place.


1. The Gypsy Cafe

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You can hang out at this place in Hauz Khas Village that serves awesome food with a nice ambiance and live music. With nice indoors and cool staff, you get a nice experience here at the gypsy cafe.

Price For Two | Rs. 500 (approx.)


2. Trippy Hippy Cafe

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As the name suggests, this trippy hippy cafe is really trippy. This place serves awesome pizza and kinds of pasta and a variety of fast food at a minimal cost.

Price For Two | Rs. 600 (approx.)


3. Naivedyam

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Naivedya is a South Indian restaurant chain who’s one such branch is in Hauz Khas. They serve a variety of delicious South Indian dishes and you can try their Kesari Bhath, Maharaj Dosa and a lot more from their best serves.

Price For Two | Rs. 500 (approx.)


4. The Tea Room For Blossom Kochhar

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If you want to dig into Hot Chocolate and a variety of Tea then this place is for you. You can come over here with your base to enjoy and spend a quality time. Soothing ambiance and a good staff makes this place fit for all the tea lovers out there.

Price For Two | Rs. 650 (approx.)


5. Big Fat Sandwich

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Big Fat Sandwich is a quick bite spot where you can grab some delicious yet juicy burgers, sandwiches, and some cool beverages on the go. Check out their Belgian fries, mushroom sandwich, and a lot more if you want to taste their specials.

Price For Two | Rs. 800 (approx.)


Bottom Line

No worries if you’re low on budget, you still got these in your pocket!


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