Check out these 20 spots in and around Champa Gali for a day outing

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Want to spend a day at Champa Gali? Head to these aesthetically beautiful spots for a perfect outing which will be worth your time. 

1. The Nerdy Indian Café

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Perfect place for a nerd to be there. Giving a free book over every meal worth Rs.500, this café is all about enjoying their delicious food with books around with a quaint cozy place giving us vibes all the way from Greece and Santorini. 

2. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

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With their on-site roastery, this place serves the best coffee in town. 

3. Jugaad

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This store offers you everything from stationary to decoration to chai and coffee to funky kurtas and what not. You name it and they have it.

4. Jugmug Thela

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With their wooden sitting and green plantation, stop here for some hot sipping masala chai. They also have a reading room adjacent to it for you to spend your time in peace. 

5. Filling Spaces

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This place is the perfect solution for fashion and home décor. The best cultural hub for everything beautiful. 

6. Liberty Village

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The mini artsy flea market with clothes, shoes, stationary, décor and what not. They’ve got you covered with their in-house café which serves the best dimsums. You’ll get everything at the craziest price here. 

7. Bean Sahab Cafe

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An affordable place to hang out with your friends. Stop by at Bean Sahab to definitely try their Coffee and Grilled Chicken.

8. Dream Catcher Cafe

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This newly opened café with dream catchers’ theme is a must go for some juiciest burgers and Chinese platters. 

9. La Vie en Rose

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One-stop destination for fashion and art which will make you feel like you are in Greece. 

10. Four Directions Cafe

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The continental coffee bar in Champa Gali with a cozy sitting to hang out with your friends. 

11. Cafe Dosti

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Pet-friendly outdoor cafe with good food and drinks is a must visit in Champa Gali. 

12. Baari Cafe

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This place has a different vibe altogether. The cozy vibes with a great cup of hot chocolate during winters is a must visit place. 

13. Ocean Street Cafe

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This beach-themed base cafe with good food and coffee complemented with the graffiti walls is what you need to spend your evenings at. 

14. Social Street Cafe

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The ambiance of this place is such that one should not miss. Their pizzas and Chinese platter is a must try. 

15. Soho Pizzeria

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Their outdoor sitting with some low peppy music along with the wood fired Neapolitan pizza is all in one deal that one cannot miss. 

16. Rose Cafe

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With exposed-brick and Mediterranean-style walls washed in shades of turquoise and pink, this cafe has some amazing Italian food to try. 

17. Red Bricks Cafe

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With quirky décor and great delicacies, this place is a must visit for some amazing time with your friends.  

18. Silsila Cafe

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Silsila, The Bistro serves some mouth-watering continental food with a romantic sitting and some low music.

19. Foresta Bistro and Cafe

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The multi-cuisine cafe with open air sitting has some great vibes. 

20. Altogether Experimental

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With rotating dishes and some innovative menu of drinks, this place is one of the most chilled out places in Delhi offering an outdoor sitting. 

Bottom Line

Plan your day around Champa Gali and add them all to your Instagram feed! 

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