Check Out Some Best Pancakes And Places From Where You Can Have Them On This National Pancakes Day

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On 16th February, every year National Pancakes day is celebrated and if you’re one of those who loves pancakes in their breakfast and want to celebrate in their own way, then you should check this list of some cool and quirky pancakes served by these places in Delhi.


1. Chocolate Chocochip Pancake

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There is a huge range of varieties of pancakes you can dig in, and IHOP is one of the famous places which is quite known for its pancakes, and no one else can make good chocolate choco-chip pancakes than IHOP. So if you want to indulge in some sweet journey, IHOP is the place for you.

Where | Cyberhub


2. Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

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Pancakes have a lot of varieties and this is another one we are introducing with the name fluffy buttermilk pancake which is exactly as the name depicts. Served with bananas and coconut ice cream, this is the one you can go for.

Where | Fab Cafe


3. Purple Velvet Pancake

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For the love of red velvet, and for those who wish to have the same taste in pancakes, The Maestro In Ashok Vihar is the place for you to have some scrumptious Purple Velvet Pancake submerged in white chocolate!

Where | Maestro, Ashok Vihar


4. Japanese Jiggly Pancakes

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‘It feels like a fluffy heaven’ as they say about this pancake. The Japanese Jiggly Pancake from Harajuku, which consists of Vanilla ice cream and berries on top, is the one that shall drive you through heaven.

Where | Harajuku


5. Mini Pancakes

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Last but not the least, these mini pancakes indulge and served after dipped in chocolate from Waffle Co. is the one you can try and we’re sure you’ll like this.

Where | TWC – The Waffle Co.


Bottom Line

These quirky pancakes shall surely make your day!


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