Did You Check Out 21 Gun Salute Intl. Vintage Car Rally Show’s 8th Edition?

Where | Ambience Greens, Golf Course, Ambience Island, Gurgaon

One of the most exciting annual events was recently concluded! The 21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally & Concours Show is the only event every vintage car lover should attend. Solely a car lover’s paradise, the event showcased more than 150 vintage cars. Beautiful pieces of art kept alive by their owners.

In fact, there were two highlights of the event that were welcomed with excited gasps of breath. So, MG Motor, the powerhouse behind the event brought its owners to India for an exclusive meet & greet. The iconic brand has had a spectacular history of innovations. Moreover, it’s just one of those brands that worked closely with the British government – supplying the cars to heads of government.

The car rally also saw some really engaging cultural programs. Of course, the cars were the real deal in the entire event. In fact, some of the beauties that we got to see were 1965 MG Midget, a 1951 MG TD & even a 1965 MG B. Pretty cool, right?

All in all, the event was a magnificent effort toward bringing a forgotten age of cars that bring together some of the most iconic names under one hood! Moreover, the meet & greet with the owners of MG Motor sustained our belief that vintage cars will be here for a long, long time.

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