Champa Gali Should Be Your Next Date Spot And Here Are 5 Reasons Why!

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Champa Gali is one of the beautiful places in the city which is perfect for those romantic evening dates with your bae or even if you want to hangout with your friends or do some shopping and here is why!


1. The Vibe

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The evenings of Champa Gali are so aesthetic that it would surely make your bae hold your hand and slowly lean onto you while you both will be exploring the lanes of this beautiful place, sometimes feels like the Paris evening.


2. Café Options

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You get hell lot of options you can go and dine in to various variety of food and cuisines, specially at Jugmug Thela, which is both economical and gives aesthetic feel!


3. Graffiti

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You can find few graffiti walls here and there around Champa Gali where you can pose and get some clicks to flaunt them on your IG handle.


4. Shopping Spree

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Champa Gali have places like Jugaad and Liberty Village from where you can get some cool accessories such as handbags, stationary, shoes, and everything which you should feel quirky!


5. Events

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Champa Gali is one such place which is found suitable for every kind of event. Say a book launch, or some music group performing live, the place just gives the perfect vibe to gather some beautiful and classy crowd and give the event a great public to listen!


Bottom Line

A quirky place with some fascinating vibe!


Where | Saidalujab, Saket

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