Challenge Your Appetite By Eating This Hefty 2.5 Kg. Burger From This Place In Delhi!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

American Connection is already famous for its whopping biggest pizza in town. It is sometimes said to be the largest Pizza in India scaling up to 34 inches, and that’s huge. And now, they’re also serving the biggest hefty burger in town.

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What To Expect

This burger, what they call the ‘monster burger’ weigh around something 2.5 kgs, including lots of cheese, two chicken patty weighing around 750 grams each, and other stuffings such as lettuce, caramelized onions, and tomatoes in it!

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What You’ll Love

This whole burger comes into 3 varieties, basically one in veg, and two in non-veg, so that everyone can enjoy the taste, and is said to be, according to them, this one burger could end up filling tummy of 4 to 6 people at max!

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Bottom Line

Crazy enough to eat it whole by yourself? Let’s see!


Where | American Connection, Kalkaji

Price For Two | Rs. 1000 (approx.)

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