Take Your Love For Chaat To A Different Level At This 1-Month Long Chaat Festival

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Besides pollution and traffic, what the capital city is known for it’s exquisite chaat variety. Its a one-month-long celebration for the chaat-lovers and they have created amazing and unique fusion dishes out of it. We’re not even kidding.

What To Expect?

Remind your tastebuds, the flavours of chaat in Old Delhi. Aloo Tikki with sweet & tangy tamarind sauce, for some it’s the Gol Gappas, Pakodas with Green Mint Chutney and so much more. Every dish on the menu is prepared with a unique and distinct concept in mind, this concept speaks of fusion and flavours simultaneously. Jalebi Chaat, Samosa Taco Chaat, Fried Momo chaat, Dumplings with a sweetened twist along with Monaco Sev Puri and so much more to look forward to.

Bottom Line

Time to indulge in this savoury delight  with your spicy and sweet gang for an entire month

When | 15th Oct – 15th Nov

Where | Imly, All outlets

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