Learn How To Doodle Like A Pro On Ceramic Plates At This Workshop.


How many doodlers and illustrators do you follow on Instagram? And how many times have you tried to doodle but thought you’d do so much better with some help? This is your chance to shine on. Learn to make cute doodle arts on ceramic plates and you will be guided by experts while you make your own masterpiece. Studio Pepperfry is hosting this amazing workshop and you can be a part of it.

What To Expect At The Doodle Workshop?

Since this is a ‘Doodling’ workshop, the idea is to make you feel relaxed by way of art. Doodling is already therapeutic on its own , so you’ll not only experience a state of zen but will also pick up handy artistic skills at this workshop. All the art supplies with be provided, all you’d need would be your creative hat.

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What You’ll Love About The Doodle Workshop?

You will be doodling on ceramic plates! That’s right. Make your own masterpieces and hang them on your wall for the rest of your life with pride. Yes. You get to take your plates home to show off. This workshop is hosted by ‘The Craftsutra’. It provides a platform for people to engage in Arts, discover things about themselves and awareness for increasing art appreciation through a wide range of mediums. So you will be basically be making the world a better place to live in, by doodling!

Bottom Line

If you’ve been waiting to find unique pieces to decorate your walls, then you’ve got to stop shopping and start making them! This workshop is exactly the thing you’ve been looking for to deck your home. Don’t Wait. Register now!

When | 6th January 2019

Where | Studio Pepper fry, South Extension

Location | Click Here

Tickets | Click Here

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