Celebrating 20 Years Of This Food Fairytale: 5 Things We Love About It

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It isn’t a surprise that a place like ‘The Big Chill’ has a story that involves love. Because, every bite and sip of everything on the menu and the vibes that this place has, speaks love! Aseem and Fawzia are the ones behind this success story, of a small shop which turned into a chain of cafes. And here’s us sharing what we love about The Big Chill!

1. The Menu

It’s obvious that we love the food here. But, this café has so many things to choose from. The Four-seasons pizza, Tuna Melt, Malts and Pastas are oh so amazing! The menu is very well-curated and you might just end up wanting it all. So, you will end up here, every other time!

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2. The Theme

There’s no doubt about the fact that a set of movie-buffs stand behind the idea of this café. The theme that we all love, got into existence only after the two movie-buffs put up some movie posters that were lying around. The Big Chill is aesthetic and ends up giving some great vibes!

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3. The Desserts

Who doesn’t love a good blueberry cheesecake? Well, there’s not just that. Your favorite café has so many desserts, from the creamy Banoffee Pie to the crusty Apple Crumble! And trust us, you wouldn’t want to wait to dig-in.

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4. The History

We’ve mentioned how the café has a sweet history, sweeter than their desserts! With multiple outlets across Delhi NCR, the Big Chill started off in 2000 and the idea was to make it ‘a casual, ‘young people’s place’. And that too when there was nothing like it! We really love The Big Chill for it, don’t we?

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5. The Ambience

There’s something about the vibes in this chain! We cannot really have a bad time here, given the amazing ambience and atmosphere. From the well-lit sitting area to the glass showcase for the bakery, it just feels like a whole other land!

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Bottom Line

You might wanna rush to this place!

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