Catch Pankaj Kapur Live @Delhi Theatre Festival For A Unique, Bucketlist Experience!

Where | Orana Conventions, Gurgaon

When | 10th March

For Tickets | Click Here

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Everyone wonders how veteran actors like Pankaj Kapur started their career! And for all those aspiring actors, this truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience will give you all the boost you need to make it big. So, bringing that talent to the stage, the actor will perform at Delhi Theatre Festival – India’s biggest theatre fest ever!

The play, Dopehri, is a one-man show. Written by Pankaj Kapur himself, it is a dramatic rendition of the story written by him 2 decades ago. In fact, the play – a masterclass in itself – is the worldly tale of loneliness that accompanies old age!

Moreover, the play intricately explains the life of lonely old Amma Bi living alone in a  gigantic Laal Haveli in Lucknow. Besides creating an atmosphere that will compel you to dig deep into your consciousness, his narration will rouse the human nature, its doubts & fears.

Basically, the entire play will make you dig deep into the recesses of your own mind. To understand emotions that foster human nature like none other! Who better than Pankaj Kapur to help you delve into an introspective journey within yourself?

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