Enjoy Board-Gaming With Scrumptious Food And Lively Ambiance At Catan-Athon Event In Social!

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If you are a Delhite then you must have been to the Social, which is known to be one of the best cafes in Delhi. The cafe not only has a dramatic vibe but also offers you great music and scrumptious food making it a perfect go-to place to chill with your friends. Well, the same Social has organized a wonderful gaming event in association with Round One which is a Banglore based gaming agency and we are sure that you will like this event.

Catan-Athon Board Gaming Social DforDelhi

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What To Expect?

Social is hosting a winter gaming marathon for all the gamers out there. The cafe has a happening vibe and it offers falavorous North Indian, Chinese and Continental food to its guests. The place has an amazing nightlife to enjoy. The gaming event is organized at both the branches of Social. 16th to 17th November are the dates for antiSOCIAL Offline in Hauz Khas Village and 27th to 28th November are the dates for Social, Nehru Place. The game will have 2 levels, entry and intermediate.

Catan-Athon Board Gaming Social DforDelhi

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What You’ll Love?

You must have played many board games in childhood like Monopoly and Risk but this board gaming experience will be quite different and exciting. As the name of the event says it will get you with Catan board game which is a unique German-based board game. You have to get together your decent mind and wit in a creative way to make decisions. The Settlers of Catan will help you improvise your brain and mind power by enhancing your teamwork and thinking skills in an interesting manner. This 90 minutes game is a must take experience for one and all. The game also has its focus on war-gaming. If you are someone who wants to end the nostalgia of playing board games from childhood then you must be here!

Catan-Athon Board Gaming Social DforDelhi

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Bottom Line

Be at this gaming event to enjoy something new and smart in gaming.

When | 5PM, 27th to 28th November 2019

Where | Nehru Place Social, R-1, Upper Ground Floor, Epicuria Food Mall Nehru Place Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Location | Here

Tickets | Here

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