Sip This New Beverage – Cascara Coffee That Is Made From Coffee Berries. Not Beans!

The ending of the week calls for a strong cup of coffee? We bet it does! But have you ever thought about why it never works in most cases? Are you too immune to the coffee? Or are you just bored of how it tastes? Well, in any case, we push you to try new things. So here’s a new type of coffee that….. Hold your breath…… is not made of coffee beans! Say Whaaaaa!? How is that even coffee you ask? Called Cascara, this is a type of coffee that is brewed with the berries and husk of coffee beans!

Essentially called coffee cherry tea, this is nothing like the regular coffee you have! One of the very rare places that know their coffee and serve Cascara coffee is Cafe Tesu!


What To Expect?

Cafe Tesu is dedicated to all coffee lovers out there. From diversified preparation methods to coffee beans from across the world to interesting ingredients, Cafe Tesu is the kind of a place where you must sit alongside the large windows and enjoy your book and coffee.  Not only know for the kinds of brew, but it also brews whiskey coffee that created a lot of buzz when it was launched. This coffee stored in a barrel smoked with whiskey has a brilliant aroma.

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What You’ll Love?

Apart from the ambiance and the amazing types of coffee, Cafe Tesu serves Cascara coffee that is brewed with dried berries of the coffee bean. These berries are generally the waste product after the beans are picked. But this revolutionary brew uses the leftover beans and turns them into an aromatic light brew that is nothing like coffee and everything like a dream come true!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this new and amazing coffee by-product is something that goes with everything. Have it cold brewed or hot, it tastes legendary and leaves you wanting more.

Where | Cafe Tesu

Location | Click Here 

Cost For Two | INR 1400

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