Can’t Travel Far This Weekend? This Mountain Resort In Ranikhet Is All You Need

So, here’s the deal guys – this is the best time to visit a hill station to hibernate while the temperature rises in the city. And whipping up some mystical experiences is this stunning resort in Ranikhet!

Tag Resorts Queen Meadows is probably the best-kept secret of Ranikhet. Spread across 10 acres of land, the resort boasts of 15 residential units – NAIIICEEEE! In fact, each of them left us transfixed with the excitement level soaring.

Moreover, the resort boasts of 15 star-spangled & gorgeous ‘havelis’. In fact, with the woods surrounding them in every direction & the starlit clouds floating above – the place is truly magical, to say the least.

Tag Resort Queen Meadows does not offer TVs or vehicular access. Not cool? Well, they do make up for it and superbly too! It has open sitting areas sprawled across the entire resort and don’t even get us started. The views from here are an absolute killer and if you’re already jumping with joy, wait for a second!

Tag also offers a Golf Course and Pool Tables to keep things fun.

Basically, these guys leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing their guests with an experience of a lifetime.

So, sold yet?

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