You Can Now Watch Your 4 Movies/Month For Just INR 100 Using Paytm!

Where | New Delhi

Paytm recently launched a new feature called the Movie Pass. Basically, anybody can watch up to 4 movies in a month for just INR 100 depending on your location! Pretty cool, right? But, how does it work?

So, it’s very simple. You basically buy a ‘Movie Pass’ on Paytm after which you receive a unique code, either on your phone or mail. Using the code the next time you buy tickets to a movie essentially gives you 100% cashback.

Basically, making that one particular movie free of cost! However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind!

  • So, Movie Pass can only be used for a movie/day or 4 movies in a month.
  • The price depends, however, differs. In Delhi, the ‘Movie Price’ costs INR 800 [for individuals] & INR 1,600 [for couples]. Essentially, you’ll be paying INR 200 a movie.
  • On the other hand, in Pune the price is INR 150 and in Ahmedabad INR 100.
  • Moreover, Movie Pass is not valid for Director’s Cut, IMAX halls & Gold Class Cinemas.

So, all this is pretty cool, right?

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