Gold Standard Eating At Bronze Standard Prices; Flirt With Winters At This Open Air Cafe

Cafe Inside Stories in Saket

Take note, we’re revealing a cafe that offers gold standard eating at bronze standard prices. Cafe Inside Stories in Saket is considered by many the sleeping midget of Saket, getting ready to take over the food scene like a silent assassin. In fact, our dinner date here was the sort of enjoyable culinary boom that we’ve been lurking around for.

What to expect at Cafe Inside Stories in Saket

The Food

Westend Marg is one of biggest explosions of good food places in what might be described as ‘hip’ or ‘cool’. Not riding the crest of this wave is Cafe Inside Stories – bringing elegance to Saket that was lost in the dusty and buzzing street of Westend Marg.

Photo Courtesy | Udit Bagga

It offers gobsmacking treats that range from the naughty [moriesh chicken filled dim sum basket] to the elegant and understated. The brilliant and surprising combination of juicy chicken tossed in Chinese spices and dusted with burnt garlic is an eye-opener. Basically, this place needs to be in any Saket food hotlist!!

The Ambience

So, even as you enter the place and the warmth of the lights tans your skin, the sweet memory of drooling takes you over. The romance of soft music mixed with food and a rich, aurum vexillum ambience here was breathtaking. However, what really dulled the moment was the number of empty tables. Surprising as it may be, we had pondered reserving seats but now it seems things worked out fine. ‘Cause when the place finally explodes and people start knocking on its heavenly doors, you’ll have to wait in line!

Cafe Inside Stories has been brilliantly fashioned in one single compound. With one long corridor running south along two rows of tables, the other leads to their coffee corner! Here, of course, the sweet smell of grounded and roasted coffee beans makes flirting with the cold evening breeze worth it.

Going straight from here leads to the cobbled heart of the cafe. The cobbled road might seem a little crude at first, but it simply adds to the charm of the place.

Shaped almost like a diamond [how fitting], the open-air patio sits next to the kitchen – an excellent choice for food adventurers! The skyline, although misshapen because of the diamond shape of the building, is something quite brilliant.


So, while the occasional aeroplane helps break the monotony of waiting for food. The buzzing energy of the kitchen leaves you infected with a jumpy, heartwarming feeling in your gut!

What we love about Cafe Inside Stories in Saket

Started by Delhi based lawyer, Tanya, Cafe Inside Stories is a testament to the continued relevance of offering gold standard eating. However, at bronze standard prices.


Even with the cutlery being as rich as it looks, the food is tastier with each mouthful offering classic and modern flavours. You cannot go in here and not feel surprised. In fact, it would appear that our predicament should become yours too!

When are we coming back? The answer, whenever is a good time i.e. right now!

Bottom Line

Every day is a good day with your bae..right here!

Where | 2, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, Saket

Google Maps | Click Here

Nearest Metro Station | Saket, Gate Number 2

Price For Two | INR 1,000

Facebook Page | Click Here

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