Buttery, Flaky, Soft – PappaRoti at Vasant Kunj Sure Knows How To Bread It!

Know it All in 30 Seconds

PappaRoti translates directly to, ‘the father of all breads’, and it is quite accurate we say. Homemade breads fresh out the oven has a different feel to them and PappaRoti has become a one-stop-shop for it making breads, delicious, homemade and different!

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What To Expect?

While PappaRoti has multiple outlets around Delhi NCR, the one in Vasant Kunj situates itself inside DLF Promenade – it is a fairly tiny stall however, appearance can be deceiving – this little shop makes the most delicious and diverse buns. From Cheese to Nutella – their breads are not shy of anything. While their Buns make them one of a kind, the sourdough pizzas here are pretty great as well!

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What You’ll Love?

Well, What’s not to love? Their Margherita Pizza is simply delicious and made from scratch, their Buns are super buttery on the inside, equally crusty outside – to make it extra, top it off with the multiple options they have and Voila! They do not offer a lot but the little they do, they do it well – quality over quantity, isn’t it? For those days full of work, a Bun and a Cup of their Hot Chocolate makes life so much easier.

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Bottom Line

Makes you salivate, doesn’t it?

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