*burp* 5 Amazing Joints Near Jamia Millia Islamia Sinful Kebabs And Biryani!

It’s time to slowly shift from the lustful lanes of Old Delhi & tread over to the Mughlai Food Street of Zakir Nagar! Zakir Nagar has a dedicated love zone for the city dweller. Going down the lane – much like the Ghalib lane in Nizamuddin – there are few shops that sell piping hot kebabs and biryani on a cold day!

I. Madina Hotel

Where | Madina Hotel, Shop No. 6, Zakir Nagar

And Pay | ₹30 per plate

Known for their Chicken Biryani, the peeps here at Madina Hotel are the master cooks of Mughlai food! About 9 years old, this shop has been preparing fresh chicken biryani, everyday.


II. Talib Kebab Corner

Where | Talib Kabab Corner, Zakir Nagar

And Pay | ₹40 for 5 kebabs

Keema chicken kebabs, slow grilled on coal takes your palate to another level! This place is another jewel in the market. They serve kebabs with some mint chutney, onions and soft roomali roti, every bite spells delicious!


III. Al Rashida

Where | Al Rashida, Shop No. 2, Zakir Nagar

And Pay | ₹100 for kebab & roti

Galauti kebabs in our mouths & we can’t talk till the entire plate is over! Dig right into these succulent, melt-in-mouth kebabs with ulte tawa ka parantha for that perfect Mughlai foodgasm!


IV. Javed Nihari

Where | Javed Famous Nihari, 392, Zakir Nagar

And Pay | ₹70 for quarter, not bad eh?

You cannot say no to Nihari. So, it’s best if you make a pit stop at the people’s favourite, Javed Nihari. Perpetually crowded, these guys serve thick stews of nihari with khammeri roti.


V. Al Nawaz

Where | Al – Nawaz, Jamia Nagar

And Pay | ₹390 a plate

A short ride away from Zakir Nagar towards the Jamia Millia Police Station lies Al Nawaz. One of the oldest & most loved shack here, these guys make the most amazing Mutton Barra!


*burp* Sorry, we just gulped down a plate of soft, flavourful kebabs! AGAIN!

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