Burger King Is Offering Two Burgers For INR 50 And We’re Lovin’ It!

Where | Multiple Outlets

In a recent TV commercial, we noticed something absolutely delicious! So, Burger King is offering 2 crisp veggie burgers for just INR 50! And if you’re a fan of Burger King’s cheesy burgers, then this is your chance to grab yours.

Burger King is giving 2 crispy burgers for just INR 50! And you know what we love about their burgers? The slightly warm buns, mixed with melting cheese and crispy patty is out of this world!! In fact, if you pair their burgers with their crispy and salty fries – look around, you’re already in heaven.

However, as always the offer will be on dine-in and we can’t seem to stop drooling for more!


Images’ Courtesy | Burger King

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