Bullet Train From Delhi To Mumbai Will Cut Travel Time To 6 Hours!

Where | New Delhi

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could travel from Delhi to Mumbai in a bullet train? Pretty crazy, right? In fact, if we check the speed of the train and distance between the two cities, 6 hours is the maximum you’ll take to reach Mumbai!

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The bullet train, however, will be making several stops in the middle. In fact, Pune and Ahmedabad might be the two cities coming in between. Yet, we hear that the travel time between Delhi and Mumbai will be cut short to about 6 hours.

And tickets? The tickets will be sold for almost the same amount as a flight or normal train ticket would. That is, for INR 3K/seat, you will be able to travel faster, smarter and better!

The bullet train is scheduled to launch in 2022!

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