Brownies That Are Chocolaty And Sizzle: 5 Places For You To Visit

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Brownies are loved by us already and the ones that are hot and sizzling, definitely won’t lose our heart! This winter, we bring you some of the best brownie sizzlers in town that you need to try right now. We hope you don’t miss out on these!

1. Cremeborne

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Cremeborne is without a doubt the go-to for ice creams. But they also have the best of brownie sizzlers in town! You need to visit them for a plate full of sizzle and delicious brownie.

2. The Chocolate Room

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The name of the place says it all and you know how amazing the brownie sizzler would be if you’ve tried other stuff here! Visit The Chocolate Room for a delightful experience.

3. Gola Sizzler 

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They do have some great sizzlers and that’s what they’re known for! But to add-on to our dessert-experience, they have the greatest brownie sizzler in town, give them a visit to try it, at least once.

4. Havmor 

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This ice cream parlour has our heart and a lot of chains, with it! Havmor has the brownie sizzler that is not only amazing but something that has to be our go-to. Trust us, and try it!

5. Cafe Coffee Day 

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From pets at their outlets and coffees that impress us, Cafe Coffee Day has been a go-to. Now you need to try their sizzle dazzle brownie if you still haven’t and you’ll be amazed!

Bottom Line

Fill your hearts and tummies with these amazing brownie sizzlers!

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