Bringing The Spirit Of Korean Delicacies To The Heart Of Delhi.

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Located right in the cultural heart of South Delhi, Dalgrak is serving the best K-Food in India to add up to our obsession with Korean Culture.


What To Expect

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Thinking of Korea, the first thing we can imagine is the minimalistic yet cute ambience of places that bring us the K-Culture and this place hits us right at the bottom with its vibe. Their cute servings will leave you craving for more.


What You Will Love

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From Delicious Deobaps to Juicy Jeongs, Dalgrak serves a massive variety of Korean delicacies for you to find the perfect Korean getaway for your tastebuds. You’ll get to experience the richness of the Korean culture on your tastebuds, despite being in your own city!


Bottom Line

Caution: Miss out on this place at your risk.

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Location: Korean Culture Centre, Delhi

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