Bored Of McDonald’s? Gurgaon’s New Shack-Star Offers Burgers Starting INR 35

Where | Shop 1, Ground floor, PD Arcade, Fazilpur, Gurgaon

Price For Two | INR 300

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Down to your last INR 100s? Hey, worry not ’cause we found you a joint offering cheesy burgers startin’ INR 35!! So, you can gobble down ten burgers and still not worry about burning a hole in your pocket!

So, Burger Inn in Gurgaon is a shack style burger joint with enough seats to house 4-5 people at a time! In fact, it’s not just their burgers that are making us drool like dogs. Their veg & non-veg burger combos start as low as INR 130, so obviously being a foodie never felt better!

Excited? Well, their crispy, juicy patties dunked in creamy cheese & served with fresh veggies is a treat to anyone’s palette!

Basically, anyone with a mouth and an insatiable hunger will love this!

Cover Image Courtesy | Pixabay

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