Bored Of Hills? Head To India’s Grand Canyon For A Thrilling Road Trip

Where | Gandikota, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh

For all those #travelbugs in Delhi, road-tripping to the hills may have become too much by now!

Moreover, with places like Kasaul & Dharamshala getting overcrowded, there’s a need to travel to other places.

So, why not go to India’s Grand Canyon instead?

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Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh is a small yet, mind-blowing village. And people can’t stop gushing about this place thanks to the grand canyon feels that it gives!

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Penna Gorge was created by the Pennar river cutting through the hills. In fact, travellers swear that it is the hidden grand canyon of India that one must visit at least once in their lives! The roads leading up to the canyon are better than most Delhi roads. Making a road trip well worth the time!

So, the next time you visit the place, don’t forget to sit on top the rocks. Blend in with the velvety sky, take a million pictures for Insta & check out the various migratory birds that fly around!

Excited? Hey, us too and we have already booked our trips! How about you?

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