Skip Loud Music This Weekend To Relish Alpatva Band LIVE

Need some soothing time rather than attending loud parties this Saturday? We have got this sorted for you! Head to The Sky High to be mesmerised by Alpatva band LIVE. The band is sure to boost up your weekend vibes and rejuvenate you for rest of the week. The songs played will not only be listened, rather lived by you. You’ll believe this once you witness it.

What To Expect At The Event?

Alpatva is a Delhi-based 5 piece band performing in multiple genres. The band is known for its unique compositions and renditions. The band makes a promise to stir your emotions up hidden deep within, extracting a beautiful memory from them. A performance by Alpatva band LIVE is all you need this weekend to rejuvenate and let go of your week’s stress.

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What You’ll Love At The Event?

The softness of the voice of singers, the magic of the drums, and the enchantment of the guitars are sure to flow in the beauty of music to your hearts. Alpatva has a unique way of encompassing hybrid styles of everlasting pop/rock instrumentation and exquisite melodies. This carves out a special sound delivering a message of hope to all.

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Bottom Line

Alpatva promises to not merely play songs, rather make its listeners live through them. They consider their music to be a labour of love. Thus, you are sure to enjoy Alpatva band LIVE this Saturday.

When | 22nd December, 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm

Where | The Sky High, Ansal Plaza

Location | Click here

What are your plans this weekend?

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