Love Books? Meet A Shop Where Literature Meets Pop-Art!


If you are a Lit-nerd and are always on the prowl in search of anything literature, we found a place where literature meets pop art, and you can get your hands on mugs, totes, T-shirts, etc based on your books.

Delhi-based academic Saba Bashir and her husband Amir thought about the dearth of literature based products in India, and in 2016, they launched Booksetc, a source that would make available ‘literary gifts’ to bibliophiles.

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They started with Shakespeare mugs and tote bags and currently offer merchandise carrying illustrations of and poems by more than 20 international and Indian authors in English and Urdu.

Their enterprise uses visual art to popularise Indian literature and literary figures. Their merchandise gives a ‘face’ to popular couplets; makes conventional products attractive; and makes popular literature part of our daily lives.

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There is a couplet or poem for every occasion, mood, and phase of life, only if you have the patience to pick the right product, believe the Bashirs.

Whatever you need they have got it all. Be it tote bags, scrolls, bracelets, pendants, earrings, notebooks, even aprons, mugs, and trays, they have got it all!

So, what are you thinking about? Get your bucket lists ready!

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