Delhi, You Can Soon Book A Private Jet For Yourself & Fly From A Different Terminal!

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Delhiites will soon be able to book a private jet to travel to multiple destinations! You will even be able to take these flights in style from a separate terminal at IGI. How amazing is that? Get your James Bond look ready and wait for the news to drop! Read on.

What’s It All About?

We Delhiites like our whiskey straight, music loud and cars big. No shame people. We truly embrace who we and love our luxuries. On the same lines, we’d like to break the news to you about how you can now book a private jet to fly to your favorite destinations.

Imagine a flight, with 5-star services, no worries about leg room or occupied washrooms! That does sound like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Apart from the dreamy private jet experience, a separate terminal is in the process of being constructed at Delhi’s international airport, one that’s only for private jets!

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This will be the first such terminal to come up in the country, and that makes us Delhiites super proud. Officials report the terminal would have the capacity to manage the operation of business jets (Boeing 767) as well as all Boeing 777 planes with a 250-passenger capacity and VIP configuration.

Officials report that the construction work on the terminal started in March last year and has been progressing at a really good pace. An area of 22 acres has been allocated for the same. We’re already visualizing us in a private jet, holding champagne, and playing music while we travel in our private jet!

Just can’t wait for this one-of-a-kind project to be completed at the Delhi airport!

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