Did You Know About The Books On Delhi Metro? Find Out

In the hustle and bustle of the big city life, we all tend to forget who we are. A sea of people and so much work and noise to distract us from who we really are. We often have a little something that takes us back to roots. A favourite place, a little cafe and it’s perfect cheesecakes, maybe a tattoo parlour where you got your first tattoo, a bookstore, a book and maybe a story to keep you connected. Books On Delhi Metro is one such initiative where you can pick up and read books from particular metro stations.

What To Expect With Books On Delhi Metro?

It is a non-profit project by Shruti Sharma and Tarun Chauhan. The couple will drop off the book with the sticker ‘Books on Delhi Metro’ and will post clues about the book location on their Instagram/ facebook or twitter account. Anyone who picks up the book will post with #booksonthedelhimetro to let know the location of the book and belonging. How cool!

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What You’ll Love About Book On Delhi Metro?

The main motive of this initiative is to encourage reading among the commuters, who gets bored or spend their time scrolling through their mobile phone’s screen. Help you reconnect with those small and big stories playing inside your head. We absolutely love how this sounds and we can’t wait for the next book to pop up!

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Bottom Line

If you’ve been complaining that you have no time to read, then this is your calling. Everyone travelling by metro put your phones down and look for books.

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