With Lit AF Interiors, Eclectic Cuisines And Peppy Drinks, Here’s Your Next Party Desto!

BLAQ Defence Colony DforDelhi

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Party folks! If you’re on the hunt for a new lounge this winter to rave it up with some sass, this new pop up in Defence Colony will aptly get y’all pumped!

BLAQ Defence Colony DforDelhi

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What To Expect?

BLAQ, Defence Colony will instantly get your heart with its breathtakingly flashy interiors, featured by alluring hanging pendants, a la mode ceiling, royal flooring and illuminated neon party faces between mirrors. Their furnishings too, speak of sheer elegance. And the best part is, they’ve got a pretty open-air zone too, perfect for a romantic date.

BLAQ Defence Colony DforDelhi

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What You’ll Love?

Their Pulled Lamb Pizza is absolutely to go for! Also, say yes to their sumptuous Prawn Dumplings. From the Large Plates section, their Rolled TenderLoin is a mandatory pick! With exotic stuffed bocconcini, activated charcoal, burnt garlic creme jus, gold dust, bell pepper, olives and cheese, this prep-up is nothing less than pure heaven. And yes, they spell out some of the tastiest cocktails and mocktails in town, made from fresh ingredients.

BLAQ Defence Colony DforDelhi

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Bottom Line

So, ditch your blues and switch to BLAQ!

Where | D 21, 3rd Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi

When | 12 Noon To 12 Midnight

Price | ₹2,600 For Two

Location | Here

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