Bistro57 Is Opening Its New Outlet In Kaushambi And We Just Can’t Keep Calm!


Who doesn’t love a creamy shake with some delicious sides to go with! A glass of chilled flavoursome shake is all that we need to beat the heat with this June. So brace yourselves folks ’cause Bistro57 is opening up in Kaushambi and we are going bonkers!

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From drool worthy snacks to exotic shakes and mojitos, waffles and coffee bistro57 has it all! If you’re craving for a heavenly choco treat, you should definitely try the kit kat and brownie cookie shake. We assure you that you’ll fall in love with these shakes at the very first sip! Apart from this, Bistro57 also offers a wide variety of refreshing fruity shakes for you to enjoy this summer.

So then, what are you waiting for? Head toward Bistro57 and indulge in the world of refreshing shakes today!

Where | Bistro57, Kaushambi

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