Your Favourite Biryani Anywhere From India Will Now Be Delivered To Your Home!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Finding good biryani in Delhi can be a difficult task. Craving for spicy Hyderabadi Biryani or Kolkata Biryani with a juicy potato? However you like it, this place will deliver biryani to your doorstep and it’s only a click away!

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What To Expect?

Your favourite hot biryani from across the country will be served to you within 24 hrs. Their specialised packaging and state-of-the-art cold chain logistics help to store the food between 5-8° C.

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What You’ll Love?

Flurrys, Bijoli Grill, Peter Cat, you name it, they will have it to your home. They believe in serving you food with a hint of nostalgia and the thought itself is so mesmerising.

Bottom Line

Take the nostalgic flavorful trip today!

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