The Bicycle Parade 2020 Can Get You To The Guinness World Record!

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If riding a bicycle is your passion you can turn this into a Guinness World. Bicycle Parade has taken the charge to organise various bicycle parades across India in order to create a world record.

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What To Expect?

Any club or group can organise this bicycle parade in their respective towns to create a pedal revolution and popularise cycling across India, but on the same date and should begin at the same time.

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What You’ll Love?

You will proudly wear the same official jersey worn by the participants of Bicycle ParadeTM 2020 Kochi except the location is yours with organiser’s logo on it. You will get a certificate of participation and medal from the Bicycle ParadeTM. If the attempt is successful after the review of the evidence in a few working days, each participant will get a Guinness World RecordTM Certificate and Medal.

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Bottom Line

Get your bicycles ready to become a part of the biggest bicycle parade of India.

When | 26th January 2020

Register | Here

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