#BibliophileHeaven: These 11 Places In Delhi Let You Buy/Sell/Rent Books At Your Own Leisure!


A large population of Delhi is identifies itself as bibliophile. The choices in Delhi where these people can go to satisfy their urges are exhausting. Books are like food for the soul! So, we compiled a list of book stores in Delhi that allow you to rent/buying the books at extremely economical price. 

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30 Second Window: 

  • These book rental services offer all sorts of books. And you not only save money, but also enjoy reading more books, without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • The general verdict is that you name any book under the sky, and the booksellers in the Capital are sure to have it.
  • We have also posted those stores for you from which you can buy second-hand books as well. Basically this list caters to all bibliophile nerds in Delhi!


Pustak Kosh, Sector 38 Noida

This rental service caters to educational books ranging from computers, engineering (electronic, electrical, mechanical, environmental and civil), biotechnology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, management, and more. Surely, this is one of the best places for a Delhi bibliophile to visit!

Explore Pustak here.

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Nanda Book Services, Nehru Place

Nanda Book Services in Raja House sells both second-hand and new books. The second-hand ones are priced Rs 100 and Rs 150 and the new are sold at retail price. A lesser known stall can be found opposite Bhandari House, where the books are priced Rs 40, Rs 50 and Rs 60 depending on the book’s size. You can also sell your books back!


A big hub for the book lovers, you will see books selling in kilo. A long walk from nearest metro station and there you are at the readers paradise. This place will offer you books at price as cheap as it could get. You will be amazed to know that books are priced at Rs 100/kg to Rs 200/kg depending on what you want to read. Dig deeper to get it even cheaper. If you get tired, there are food joints as well where you can easily go and hog your heart out! Also, they even buy novels back.

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In the middle of the flea market is a little shop selling both new and second-hand books. The second-hand are priced at half the MRP. You will see an old uncle sitting there with the hopes of his books getting sold. A knowledgeable person about books, genres, new trending authors. You won’t have any issue in selecting the books.

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Midland, South Extension I

They have been around since 1985 and hold a strong base of loyal customers. The USP of this store is well-trained and pleasant staff, who have complete knowledge of the books in the store.

3L Library, Defence Colony

This library was born in 1962 and has more than twenty thousand books on sale. You can also get a membership and enjoy a range of novels on romance, crime, thriller and suspense. The books are available at half the MRP.

Ram Gopal Sharma & Sons, Shankar Market 

This bookshop and library sells and lends new and second-hand books. Some are priced Rs 100, Rs 150 or Rs 200 and some are sold at half the MRP. Also, have a DVD collection available for sale and rent. Piled up novels some popular, some rare starting at fine prices.

Just Books

With ‘rent, read, return’ as their motto, this one is a new generation library chain spread across 13 states in the country. They have a rich database of 5 lac books, from different genres, by Indian and international writers. They deliver in a day, free of cost, across Delhi (NCR).

Explore Just Books here.

Om Book Shop 

They can be easily called the largest chain of bookshops in Delhi and NCR. The range of books on offer is bewildering. You can choose from Autobiographies, Finance, CD’s and magazines. All their stores encourage storytelling and reading in children.

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Sarojini Nagar Market

In the middle of shops, flea market, you will see many book stores there, where you would find books at a cheaper price. You will find all the genres, especially carry notes with you as they only accept cash – no cards!

Connaught Place

The all-embracing beauty of Connaught Place welcomes bookworms with open arms. Whether it is decades old book stores hidden in the nooks and crannies or second-hand novels kiosks, CP has it all. The price ranges between Rs 100 and Rs 200. On the sidewalk of F – Block, second-hand books are sold with price ranging between 80 and 200 bucks.

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • All the bibliophile, get reading, read while eating, sleeping, walking, talking – LOVE BOOKS as they will give you happiness for sure.
  • These are the famous stores across Delhi-NCR. Hop in there – rent books, sell them, buy the fresh/old/second hand and just jump into the heaven of books.

So, what are you waiting for?

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