Bhawan Delhi Brings The Delicious Chaat Scene To Your Doorstep But Makes It Fusion!

Know it All in 30 Seconds

Ever had that sudden, specific craving of Chaats – but too lazed out too go out or to sceptical of the hygiene outside? We have all had that annoying moment, especially in this pandemic. No problem is without a solution though and this one’s solution is Bhawan Delhi. Possibly the most delicious solution ever!

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What To Expect?

Bhawan Delhi is one of those cloud kitchens that fuse quality, taste, innovation but make it a Desi treat. Their menu is specifically curated for chaat, snacks and mithai, but oh it is anything but limited. Their range of dishes makes you salivate just by browsing through. From Golgappa of every kind to Bhutte ka Kees – every choice is carefully prepared and packed by their chefs with the two things that makes Desi food, desi – Passion & Love.

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What You’ll Love?

Their chaat section is a celebration of the whole nation and its delicious diversity. Their packaging is one thing that you can have complete faith on, your snack, chaat and mithai shall reach you well. Looking at their food definitely makes you want to go on a ‘chaat haul’, their snacks and mithai are no less. From some amazing Mutton Dahi Bara to the quintessential Vada Pav – Parsi, South Indian, Odia – You name it, they have it.

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Bottom Line

Getting that Chaat craving yet? We are. Check it out Here!

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