Best Smoothie Places In Delhi For The Healthiest & The Tastiest Summer Cooler

Know It All In 30 Seconds

It’s the most beautiful season of the year and why not make it healthier, here’re the healthiest and the tastiest summer coolers in Delhi.


1. JOOST Juice Bars

Joost: A juicy fitness with Joost Juice Bars - Times of India

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JOOST for a summer boost is as blissful as it sounds.

Location: Multiple Outlets


2. Drunken Monkey

Smoothie chain Drunken Monkey touches Rs 60-crore turnover with 100 outlets  across India

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India’s biggest smoothie bar chain will be proved as a blessing this summer!

Location: Multiple Outlets


3. Getafix

Lovely little find in GK. - Reviews, Photos - Getafix - Tripadvisor

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Only GETAFIX can fix us this summer!

Location: GK-2


4. Blue Door Cafe

This all time favourite cafe also serves some of all time favourite dishes and their smoothie is one of them!

Location: Khan Market


5. Fabcafe by The Lake

Fabcafe by the Lake, New Delhi - Restaurant reviews

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This vegan heaven serves some of the best vegan smoothies you can have in your lifetime!


Bottom Line

Here’s to the tastiest pledge for a healthy summer!


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