Best Restaurants In Town That Will Deliver Exotic Seafood To Your Doorstep

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Image sitting on the seaside and having an exotic sea-food platter. Well, there’s a pandemic going on and we can’t bring seaside or a beach to you but we can tell you where you can find the best seafood in Delhi to experience just a little exotica while at home.


1. Varq

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Seafood from Varq always works for us no matter what!

Location: The Taj Mahal Hotel, Khan Market


2. Lotus Pond

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Doesn’t matter if it’s a pond or a sea, this seafood is close to our hearts and we want it to be close to yours too!

Location: New Friends Colony


3. Sana-Di-Ge

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This place serves one of the best Goan and Seafood in town, no cap!

Location: Chankyapuri


4. Coast Cafe

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A cafe of the coast will get you seafood to your doorstep right from the coast.

Location: Hauz Khas Village


5. Viva O’ Viva Goa

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Viva O Viva Goa is bringing Goa to your house through the best of the seafood one can imagine.

Location: Chankyapuri


6. Mahabelly

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A Mahabelly and a belly full of seafood are all we want to drive our weekday blues away!

Location: DLF Avenue, Saket


7. Zambar

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This popular Konkan food chain is not to be missed when we talk of seafood.

Location: Multiple Outlets


8. Oh Calcutta!

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Oh, Calcutta! and Oh So Good Seafood! are synonyms to each other and we can’t miss it!

Location: East Of Kailash & DLF CyberHub


Bottom Line

Here’s your ticket to the seaside.


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