Best Restaurants In Town That Will Deliver Delicious Thai Food To Your Doorstep

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Here are the best restaurants in town that will bring Thailand to your house.

1. Shibuya Food & Bar

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They serve a wide-range of Asian food but amazing Thai Tom Yum is in their forte.

Location: GK-2


2. Berco’s

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If you don’t know about this amazing specialty restaurant\, you’re probably living under a rock.

Location: Multiple Outlets


3. Hong Kong Express

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This food is an instant express to Hong Kong and also Thailand.

Location: Malviya Nagar


4. PAN Bangkok

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As the name suggests, Bangkok flows through their veins.

Location: Sector-28, Gurugram.


5. Asian Haus

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This trendy restaurant has swore to bring Asia to your Haus.

Location: East Of Kailash


6. Culinare

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This place is one of the best places in Delhi when it comes to Asian food. They get you the same art at your doorstep.

Location: Kailash Colony


7. Big Wong

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Big Wong and bigger flavours to satisfy your souls.

Location: Multiple Outlets


8. Mamagoto

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This is one of the best franchises in Delhi when it comes to Continental Cuisine and Thai food is no different.

Location: Multiple Outlets


Bottom Line

Here’s your ticket Thailand.

Happy Journey!

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