Best Drinks Brands That’ll Help You Beat The Heat!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

The best tasting drinks are something we all deserve this summer. So, here we are with the best treat that you deserve this summer!


1. Jimmy’s Cocktail

Here’s our favourite mixer brand with six of our all-time favourite cocktail flavours for you to simply mix and enjoy!


2. Borecha

Here’s to the best Kombucha brand in India. These good for you drinks can also make up for awesome mixers!



Mxyr drinks - Newesome

MYXRs from MYXR are the MYXRs lowest on calories and highest on taste!


4. Sepoy & Co.

Sepoy & Co Mixed Case (Pack of 12 X 200ml ) | Limited Edition | Low Calorie  Assorted Flavoured Drinks | 100% Natural Ingredients : Grocery &  Gourmet Foods

Sepoy offers some of the best tonics and mixers in the business and that makes up for the perfect summer drinking partner.


5. Svami

Let’s hope we all get a taste of Svami Ji Ki Kripa this summer!


Bottom Line

Let’s raise a toast to this beautiful season!

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