Go Check Out This Place In Chanakyapuri That Serves Your Beloved Kakori Kebabs!

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Often confused by Seekh Kebabs, Kakori Kebabs are legit try for all the die-hard kebab lover out there. Infused with spices, dry fruits and much more, these Kebabs are roasted with lots of flavors. Oh yes, this time we’ve come across another famous yet super-delish food joint called Alkauser in Chanakyapuri that serves your beloved Kakori Kebabs.

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What To Expect?

We recommend you to build your expectations as high as you can coz’ this food joint in Chanakyapuri has everything altogether that’ll go with your “Chalo Aaj Kuch acha non-veg khaate hai”. Made with more than 50 spices and dry fruits, the place weaves emotions by serving Kakori Kebabs at your palate.

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What You’ll Love?

Usually, a Kebab dries out your throat, but their soft yet tender Kebab goes straight inside your heart with oodles of emotions. Be it a Tangy Chicken Korma, or a Smokey Chicken Tikka, or a luscious Kakori kebab, each of their delicacy is placed under a spell. Well, you’re not just limited to Kebabs, you’ve gotta taste their gravy delicacies too that’ll make you go Bananas fo’ sho.

Bottom Line

So, when are you hittin’ up this place?

Where | Corner of Kautilya Marg, Near Assam Bhawan, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Price | ₹600 for two people

Location | Here

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