You Can Now Learn Beat Boxing, Rap & Hip Hop For Free Through This Online Workshop!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Quarantine is all about learning new skills and brushing them up. How about accomplishing your dream of learning beat boxing, rap and hip hop in this quarantine by enrolling yourself in this online session?

The story of India's gully rap scene featuring DIVINE

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What To Expect?

Noxious D and MC Heam in their 3-month free online rap and hip hop workshop will help you to explore the history of hip-hop and music, lyricism, flow, style, and technical skills. Nagesh Reddy and D Cypher will be teaching you the elements of BeatBoxing in his free online beatboxing workshop.

3-Minute Basic Beatbox Tutorial: Hip-Hop/Rock Beat - Didge Project

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What You’ll Love?

Asia’s largest ghetto with the sole aim of empowering under-resourced Hip-Hop talent with resources leading towards grooming, mentoring, nurturing and creating a platform to showcase their true potential.

Bottom Line

When | Multiple Dates

Price | Free

Tickets | Rap Class- Buy Here, Beat Boxing – Buy Here, Hip Hop- Buy Here

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